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What To Consider When Choosing Your Roofing Shingle Color

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Picking a shingle color can be a difficult task. It's the color that's going to be on your roof for years to come, and you don't want to end up hating it once it's finished. If you're having trouble making a decision, here are some tips for choosing a color you'll love.

Consider Future Changes

If you're planning on changing the color of the exterior of your home, you need to compare the colors to your new shingles. Don't just think that since you're painting your door and shutters blue, you need some blue shingles to match. You could end up with shades of blue that clash dramatically. Make sure you get color samples for the shingles along with the future changes that you plan to make so you can compare them properly.

Observe Other Homes

Drive around and look at other homes in your area. You probably never previously paid attention to how their roofs look. Pay attention to whether they have brick, stucco, vinyl siding, or something else and what colors they have chosen for shingles. You might get a better idea about which colors look better with which types of siding. It might allow you to narrow down your color choices.

Ask About Software

Some shingle manufacturers and stores have visualization software that allows you to upload pictures of your home and try out different types of shingles on your roof. This is probably the best way to decide which type and color of shingles you want to choose. You might upload shingles that are your top choice and realize that they don't look as good as you thought they would. You might also upload ones that you weren't too fond of and realize that they look way better than you thought they would. If you're thinking about painting your house along with getting a new roof, some of the software also allows you to try on different siding with different colors.

Consider Your Home Style

Some people don't even know what the style of their house is. For example, do you live in a cape cod home, art deco, or craftsman? You could have a Dutch colonial, a Georgian Colonial, or a Federal Colonial. There are many other home styles that you could possibly have. Different types of homes look better in different colors, especially if you want to stick to the roots of the style. If you own a log home, you probably want to stick to warm, neutral colors. Putting a colorful roof on a log home is possible, but it will take away from the feel of the architecture. Craftsman homes should also have colors that are more natural because they emphasize natural materials such as stone and brick. Colonial, French Provincial, Mediterranean, and Greek Revival style homes all look great with blues, greens, and multi colors.

Think About the Heat

One common thing that people worry about is choosing a roof that will keep their home cooler in the summertime. A federally funded study tested the temperatures of the plywood sheathing below shingles. The black shingles caused the sheathing to be 10 degrees warmer than the plywood under the white shingled roof. However, other dark colors were tested such as dark gray and brown. The temperature under those colors wasn't any warmer, like the black shingles. Therefore, unless you choose black, you shouldn't have to worry about the color of your shingles warming up your roof or your home.

Choosing a shingle color you love is important because it's a lot of work and money to get a new one if you don't like it. Make sure you look at it from every angle before you make a decision. For more information, contact a local roofing company like Central States Roofing.