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5 Tips For Cleaning Rain Gutters

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It's that time of the year again: time to clean out the rain gutters. If you fail to clean out your gutters regularly, you will find that they fill up with water and overflow, possibly even breaking the gutter or leading to rot and rust over time. It is a good idea to clean your gutters as the seasons change so that they are always in working order. These tips will help you clear out your gutters safely and easily.

1. Always wear gloves when you work near the roof.

There is always the chance that sharp pieces of metal or screws are sticking out toward the gutter. You could save yourself from tetanus or a serious injury by wearing gloves that will not tear through if you accidentally nick something sharp and dangerous.

2. Avoid working on a roof in wet or icy conditions.

The same should be said about the wind. Poor weather conditions can make it especially dangerous to work on your roof, even if you are not standing on it. Wait for a dry day with no wind before you hit the roof.

3. Slightly damp debris is best to work with.

It can be difficult to find the right day to clear out the gutter. You don't want to work with soggy gutter waste, and you also don't want the debris to be dry and difficult to remove. A bit of dampness is ideal for cleaning out gutters with the most efficiency.

4. Adjust the angle of the downspouts.

Downspouts should always point out and away from the home, never allowing water to back up around the house. This could actually cause damage to your foundation and other parts of the house, leading to expensive repairs further down the road. Take the time during your cleaning to readjust the spout and redirect water.

5. Check fascia boards to ensure they have not rotted.

Boards can easily rot when they are left with water surrounding them. Even high-quality and well-maintained boards can rot quickly when they are immersed. Replace boards quickly and ensure that the gutter does not become clogged again to keep the area maintained.

Taking care of your roof includes taking care of the area surrounding it. When you maintain your gutters, you keep the rest of your house in great shape. Prevent water from blocking areas of your parts or even causing flooding with proper maintenance. Talk to a roofer, like Keller Roofing & Siding Inc, for more help.