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Three Common Threats To Your Roof

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Your roof will have to face numerous sources of damage over the time that it is installed on your home. Unfortunately, you may not be aware of the various sources of damage that can strike you roof. If you want to avoid being caught ill-prepared for these situations, you will need to be aware of several serious threats to your roof that you may not have previously known about.

Wind Driven Rain

While it may seem strange that rain can damage your roof, it is important to understand the way that wind driven rain will behave. When rain lands on the exterior of your roof, the roof is designed to allow the rain to drain off the structure. However, wind driven rain can get under the shingles and in other crevices where it would normally be unable to reach. Once in these spots, it can take much longer to dry, which can rot the structure. Sealing the roof can be an excellent way of reducing this threat as the sealant will close the small gaps and crevices where the rain could be blown.

Squirrels And Birds

The land around your home may be teeming with squirrels, birds and other small animals. However, it is important to appreciate the fact that these animals can seriously damage your roof if they are allowed to easily access it. In addition to chewing on the shingles or wooden supports, these animals will also leave droppings that can be acidic enough to gradually corrode or weaken the roof. You must take great care to prevent animals from being able to get on your roof. While this may mean that you need to remove branches that are too close to your home, it is a small aesthetic price to pay for preventing squirrels from causing serious roof damage. Stopping birds from getting on your roof can be more difficult, but there are bird repelling sprays that can be applied to the roof to help stop these animals from nesting on it.

Improperly Completed Repairs

When a roof suffers damage, a homeowner may be tempted to try repairing the damage. Yet, improperly completed roof repairs can be extremely damaging to both the roof and your home. If this work is not done correctly, water can seep into the structure, and you may be unlikely to notice it until rot, mold and other damages have occurred. Luckily, there is a strong chance that your homeowner's insurance will provide coverage for roof repairs.