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Benefits Of Protective Roofing Coatings

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A roof coating can be an excellent way of reducing a number of problems that your roof can encounter. However, homeowners that are unaware of the particular benefits that these coatings can provide will be less likely to commit to investing in this extremely useful upgrade.

Minimize Moss And Algae Growth

Moss and algae are potentially serious problems with a roof. When these growths are allowed to stay on a roof without being removed, they can cause rot to form. Once a roof coat is applied, it will help to greatly reduce the ability of these materials to grow as the coating will close the small gaps and pores that these plants use to anchor to the roof.

Reduce Fading Of The Shingle, Shake Or Tile

The intense energy from the sun can cause substantial fading to most roofing materials. Over time, this problem can cause your home's roof to appear to be far more worn than it is. A roof coating that provides protection against solar radiation can help to minimize the amount of fading that occurs from this exposure. However, this protection will weaken as time passes, which will require you to apply a new coating to refresh the protection that your roof enjoys.

Protect The Roof Against Many Types Of Insect Damage

Insect damage can be another major problem for homeowners to encounter. These pests can feed on the materials used in the roof or building nests in the roof. Eventually, these insects may also start to migrate more into the interior of the home, which can create further problems for you. Roof coatings can help to minimize the threat posed by insects as they will not be able to chew through this protective film. While these coatings can help to minimize insect damage, they will not be as effective as pesticides, and you will still need to have your home regularly treated if you are to mitigate these pests.

Stop Metal Components From Corroding

You may assume that your roof does not contain metal because you have asphalt shingles, stone tiling or shakes. However, flashing is often made of metal, and it will serve the essential role of closing and protecting the gaps in the roof. If the flashing is able to corrode, it will not be as effective at protecting your home due to moisture being able to seep around the flashing. These coatings will also be applied to any exposed flashing, and this can help to increase the protection that they offer your home.

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