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When The Weather Cools Down, Roof Repair Becomes Hot

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You've made it through another summer and are ready for cooler weather, but your house might still be experiencing effects. Now that you're able to go outside without having super hot weather to deal with, it's time to take a look at the roof and fix anything that happened due to the summer heat. Even if there were no severe weather events, your roof can still have problems just due to sunlight and heat. These need to be repaired before winter sets in.

Cracking and Curling of Roof Shingles and Other Materials

Excessive heat can cause asphalt shingles to curl and crack. The harsh UV rays and hot temperatures can dry out the top layers, causing them to contract and rip. Note that these cracks and curls are not likely to be visible to someone on the ground; you'll need to call in a roofing company to inspect all of the roof, the flashing, and other components. If any cracks or curls are located, those will have to be patched. If you leave them untouched, then the next time it rains, you could see some water intrusion.

Dry Underlayers

The top layers of the roof aren't the only ones affected. The underlayers, like felt paper, can also dry up and allow rainwater to sneak past. These underlayers are obviously harder to see, but a roofing company can look for signs that the roof was really damaged by the heat.

Mold and Rot

During a hot summer, it's not just the temperature you have to worry about. If there is a lot of humidity, that can lead to rotting and mold. Moist air can get everywhere, and the warm, close conditions in and around your roof can promote mold and other fungal growth. Left unchecked, this growth will only continue, spreading into your insulation and the rest of your home.

Dead Leaves and Fire Risk

No one ever wants to think about this, but after an excessively hot summer that dried out the leaves on nearby trees, you're likely to have a lot of dead, dry leaves in your gutters. Not only can these cause clogs and overflowing when it rains, but the dry leaves are a fire risk, especially if they have piled up enough to bridge the gap between your roof and the gutter. Those need to be cleaned out.

Call a roofing company, such as Southern Pride Roofing & Construction, LLC. ,
and have your roof inspected. Not only will this take care of summer damage, but it will help you get the roof into shape for winter. Do it now so that it's one less thing to worry about on your to-do list.