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Roofing Materials That Cool Your Home

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All homeowners want to have a cool home. One of the key items in a house that will contribute to making your home cool is roofing materials. These contribute to making a home cool because of their ability to reflect or absorb the heat. Here are some of the roofing materials that will cool your home best.

Terra Cotta and Clay

They are commonly used in warm climates, particularly in Spain, Mexico, and Italy, as well as the American Southwest. Modern clay tile is made using some treated paints with reflective capabilities and weatherproofing. Terra Cotta tiles assist in keeping a building cool thanks to its shape and composition.

Green or Living Roofs

A green or living roof has the ability to offer cool environment since it incorporates a waterproof layer. The waterproof layer is filled with either soil or living vegetation which offers a cool environment via soil temperature or the living plants that release oxygen into the air. You can also consult with an experienced roofing contractor about the possibility of building a water runoff system beneath the roofing to boost cooling.

Rubber membrane roofing

This kind of roofing material can either be a firm, weather resistant thermoplastic or synthetic rubber, commonly referred to as ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM). It's manufactured from a single ply rubber-like membrane. Any roofing contractor will tell you that rubber membrane roofing is good because is weatherproof with a white coating which reflects the sun rays and maintains its cool temperatures.

Overlays and radiant barriers

Overlay and radiant barriers are excellent because they use cool roof coating materials like elastomeric sealants, foam roof coatings or ceramic based paints to make existing roofs cool.

There are so many roofing materials out that which have not been mentioned here. Some of them include slate tile, solar photovoltaic systems, white barrel "s" tile, white flat tile, and many more. Some people also just decide to go green by planting a lot of trees within the home compound to provide shade. If you are looking to make your home cool, the best thing to do is to get hold of your roofing contractor and engage him/her on how best to achieve this. Your roofing contractor is a great help in making sure your home stays cool regardless of the climate. Many of these materials are also well-waterproofed and extremely durable, meaning you can get all of your roofing needs met in one fell swoop.

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