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Those Pests Are More Than A Nuisance: How Pigeons, Squirrels, And Raccoons Could Be Destroying Your Roof

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If you have pests in your yard, you could be at risk for roof damage. Most people are concerned about the damage that pests can do to the inside of their home, which can be extensive. However, they forget about the damage that those same pests can do to their roof. If you have squirrels, raccoons, and birds living on your property, you need to get rid of them. To help you understand why you need to remove them from your home, here's just a few of the ways these pests can ruin your roof.

Acid Burns to the Shingles

If you have some pigeons that enjoy roosting on your roof, you need to send them on their way. Those pigeons are more than just a minor inconvenience. Their presence on your roof could actually be causing serious damage. You see, pigeon poop is high in uric acid, which means it could literally be burning holes in your shingles. Once the damage covers enough space, you'll have no choice but to replace the entire thing. Unfortunately, that can be quite costly. To avoid the premature replacement of your roof, and extensive roof repair services, send those pigeons packing.

Corrosive Damage to the Flashing

In addition to the damage that the pigeon poop could be doing to your shingles, it could also be damaging the metal flashing. The uric acid is also highly corrosive, which means it can eat right through the metal flashing on your roof. Once that happens, water can soak right through to your home. Not only that, but the corrosive nature of pigeon poop can also eat through the plumbing vents and the chimney cover on your roof. You can prevent that damage by keeping the birds off your roof.

Chewing Up the Shingles

If you also have squirrels and raccoons coming around your home, they could be wreaking havoc on your roof, as well. You might not realize this, but squirrels and racoons will chew on just about anything, especially if they're looking for a way inside your home. That means those shingles are going to be an easy target for them. Unfortunately, once your shingles have been chewed up, they'll need to be replaced, as soon as possible.

Gnawing On the Plywood Roof Decking

If the squirrels and raccoons have found their way into your attic, you could have roof damage that you're not aware of. That's because they could be gnawing at the plywood roof decking. When these types of pests get into your attic, it's usually because they want to build a nest. Unfortunately, once they start building, they'll gnaw through anything that's in the way, including the plywood roof decking in your attic. If you've found chew marks in your shingles, you need to inspect your attic for signs of damage in your plywood roof decking.