Sprucing Up Your Roof

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How to Beautify Your Home With the Right Roofing Material

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Your roof plays a large role in the beauty of your home, second only to your siding. While you will want to choose your roof based in part on the durability of each material, you will also want to consider how beautiful the material will make your home.


Laminated asphalt shingles will give your roof a textured look. You may also choose the three tab appearance. While some love the appearance of asphalt shingles, they are primarily chosen for their low cost.


Wood gives your home a classic look. You will also have many wood species to choose from. The most common are:

  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Redwood

They can either be sawn or split. The wood will usually weather to a silvery gray. 


You have several metal roof options to choose from, including copper, steel, aluminum and copper-and-asphalt. Each option comes with a different appearance. Also, you can have your roof installed as shingles or as lengths of metal that you solder together. The fasteners can be concealed with standing seams or left exposed.

Tile and Cement

If you would like a roof that looks more Spanish and colonial, you should consider tile and cement. These roofs have a distinct wavy style. They can also be designed to look like wood shakes.

Plastic Polymer

Many roofing options can be made to look like other materials. For instance, plastic polymer can be made to look like wood shakes or slate. However, they do not deteriorate like some wood shakes and are not heavy like slate.

Concrete Tile

Roofing companies can design concrete tile to resemble slate, clay tiles, or wood shakes. This allows you to have a certain roof style while still having the durability of concrete. Concrete can be stained and stamped to look like many materials.


Slate has an irregular and dark gray appearance. When selecting this roof, make sure that the rest of your home would be compatible with a dark roof.

If you own a home with bricks, you will want to choose a roof that matches those bricks. While you can always paint the shingles on your roof, the bricks are forever. Compare the color of your shingles to the brick. Then, compare the color of the shingles to your siding.

Do not try to match the color of your roof with the siding or brick, though. Choose colors that are complementary. Otherwise, your home will look monochromatic.

​For more tips on choosing a material for your roof, contact a roof company to talk with a professional contractor.