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Six Ways You Can Protect Your Home's Foundation With Your Landscaping

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Preventive planning can help you to avoid foundation damage in your home that may require costly repairs. 

There are many ways you can protect your foundation from damage to your landscaping. The following are six landscaping methods that minimize the chances of foundation damage over time:

Make sure that gutters are draining well away from your home's perimeter

One of the biggest culprits when it comes to foundation damage is water. Over time, water can break down a foundation and cause cracks to develop. 

By adding extensions to your gutter drains so that they empty out well away from your home's perimeter, you can minimize the amount of water damage your foundations will develop over time. 

Build up flower beds so that they slope away from your home's perimeter

Another thing you can do to keep moisture away from your foundation is to slope your flower beds away from your home's perimeter. This will encourage water to drain away from your foundation and run out into your yard rather than up against your foundation. 

Don't plant trees too close to your foundation

Another culprit that can cause foundation damage is roots from trees. Over time, tree roots can put a lot of force on a foundation as they push deeper into the ground. 

You shouldn't plant trees close to your home's perimeter or tree root damage will be highly likely to occur as time goes on. 

Mix mulch in with your flower beds

Mulch is effective at fighting moisture around your home's perimeter because it tends to soak up moisture. Mulch will keep moisture near your yard vegetation where it's needed rather than allowing it to run up against a home's foundation. 

Keep portions of your foundation above the ground level

Having some exposed foundation is a good idea because it makes it easy to constantly inspect the foundation for any developing cracks.

If the foundation is entirely covered up by the ground, homeowners might not notice right away when significant problems are developing. These problems will then be likely to get worse. 

Avoid blocking the path of drains in your yard

Allowing drains to become clogged can make it so that pooling water could be pushed up against your foundation. A lot of homeowners make the mistake of being unaware of where drains are located and planting excess vegetation around drains that block them up. 

Make sure water can flow freely out of your drains to avoid water damage to your foundation. To learn more, contact a company like Seagate Roofing and Foundations