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Are You Cleaning Out The Attic? Watch Out For These Signs That You Need To Arrange For Roof Repairs

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Attics are often hot spots for clutter, and you've got the right idea to clean it out now and then. While your attic clean out gives you more control over your storage space, you should also be aware that you can use this opportunity to check on the roof. Since the attic is the part of your house that is located closest to the roof, the early signs of damage from loose shingles and flashing often shows up here. As you prepare to clean out your attic, spend a few minutes looking for these warning signs that a call to the roofing company is necessary.

Look for Light Coming Through the Ceiling

Once you get in the attic, take a minute to look up and see if there is light coming through the ceiling. While you might notice some light coming from a vent or window in the space, you should never see any sunshine seeping in through the roof decking. If you do, then you can also assume that water can get in through the same cracks. Once roof damage has reached the point that the decking is compromised, you immediate repairs are needed to protect your house during the next rainstorm.

Watch Out for Pests

Rodents and insects tend to prefer attics for nesting since they are often less inhabited by humans than other parts of your house. While the discovery of a rat's nest or squirrel droppings is never good, you should be aware that large pests in your attic mean that they are somehow finding their way inside. If you usually keep the attic door closed off to the rest of the house, then pests may be coming in through the roof. Fortunately, repairing the entry point also aids in pest control.

Check for Water Stains

Water damage in the house is often a sign of roofing problems. While you work on cleaning, look around the attic for dark spots on the walls or along the rafters. Keep in mind that water getting into the attic also generates conditions that lead to mold and mildew. At the first sign of water damage in the attic, arrange for a professional inspection to find out where it is coming from so that you can schedule prompt repairs.

The attic is one area of a house that tends to be overlooked, yet it can reveal quite a few important things about the condition of the roof. By taking the time to look around for signs of a roof problem, you can ensure that anything you store in the attic is protected from water damage.