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5 Reasons Vinyl Siding Is a Better Choice Than Wood

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Years ago, you would drive down the street, and most of the homes you would see would be covered with wood plank siding. Over the last few decades, wood has become less common. Most of the homes you see covered in wood siding have had that same siding for years and have not been resided recently. If you are thinking of residing your home, regardless of which type of siding it has now, there is a far better option than wood: vinyl. Here are five reasons why vinyl siding is a better choice than traditional wood siding.

1. The color of vinyl goes all of the way through the material.

A piece of vinyl siding is the same color all of the way through. If it looks beige on the outside, the entire piece of vinyl is beige -- all of the way to its core. This is a real advantage since if your vinyl becomes damaged, the damage won't be as obvious because of the color continuity. On the contrary, when paint chips off of wood siding, it leaves patches of exposed wood, which makes your home look shabby.

2. You don't have to paint vinyl siding.

With wood siding, you have to paint your home every couple of years, or else it starts looking chipped. Plus, when the paint chips, water can make its way past the paint and cause the wood to start rotting. Painting a house is no simple endeavor. It takes days and a lot of equipment. If you choose to hire someone to paint your house, you'll have to pay a few thousand dollars for the service. 

Vinyl siding never needs to be painted. This means you can spend your summer having fun and completing other home maintenance tasks, rather than standing on a ladder and painting! You will save hours and also money.

3. Vinyl siding is lightweight and easy to work with.

You've probably lifted a plank of wood before. They're not light, especially when you use good hardwood like cedar or hickory. Because wood is so heavy, it is hard to install and takes a long time to install. So even if you hire a contractor for the installation, it may take them a week or longer to completely side your home with wood planks. Vinyl is much lighter and much easier to work with. As a result, your workers can be in and out sooner, so you don't have to deal with your home being under construction for a long time.

If you are handy, you may even be able to install vinyl siding yourself with just a helper or two. Wood is so heavy that you need a lot of help and probably some specialized equipment.

4. Vinyl is not appealing to bugs.

There's a long list of bugs who love wood, including wood siding. Termites are perhaps the most destructive, but wood bees and carpenter ants can also eat through siding and start nesting inside of it. Vinyl siding is not appealing to these insects, so your home will stay safer and insect-free. This is very important if you have children or pets who you do not want to be stung by insects or exposed to the insecticides you might have to depend on to eradicate them.

Vinyl siding might cost a bit more than wood siding, but it has so many benefits that are difficult to overlook. To learn more about vinyl siding and your many color choices, reach out to a contractor such as Exterior Home Solutions LLC in your area. Regardless of the look you are going for, they can help you create it with vinyl.