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How Roof Inspections Can Help You

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Many people underestimate the need for regular home inspections. This is particularly true with property owners whose roofs are still relatively new or in good condition; in such cases, a home inspection may even seem unnecessary. However, the regular inspections will benefit you in several ways, including with:


Thieves will use any opening in your house to gain entry and steal; they don't restrict themselves to doors and windows. This means weak points on the roof can easily work as suitable entry points for burglars. This is particularly true if you have vulnerable parts of the roof such as skylights and roof latches; malfunctions on such parts of the roof make your house vulnerable to criminals. This is even more so with commercial properties that burglars suspect contain valuables.


There are two main warranty-related reasons you need to inspect your roof. First, you need to inspect your roof so that you can detect defects that are covered with a warranty so that you can get them fixed before the warranty period elapses. Secondly, you need to inspect the roof to identify and correct issues that may void the warranty. For example, improper roof ventilation and overheating can all void your roof warranty, but they are things you can spot via inspections.


Even your homeowner's insurance company has an interest on your roof; they don't want to pay for damages you could have prevented. Specifically, here are some of the ways roof inspection ties in with home insurance coverage:

  • Inspecting the roof can identify maintenance issues so that you can fix them before they can cause serious damage
  • A roof inspection may reveal damages that are covered by insurance so that you can make a claim
  • A roof inspection can help you maintain your roof so that you can continue enjoying reasonable home insurance rates


Everyone wants their roof to last for as long as possible; replacing a roof isn't an exactly cheap project. Roof inspection can help make your roof durable because you will be able to identify teething issues and fix them in time. An inspection may also help you budget for upcoming major roof repairs or even replacement, which is much better than getting surprised by a major expense.

As you can see, you shouldn't underestimate the benefits of roof inspections and you should schedule for one as soon as possible if you haven't inspected the roof in a long time. Hopefully,  the roofing contractor will not discover any serious damage when you do commission an inspection. 

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