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Are You Remodeling An Older House?

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If you are remodeling an older house, you might be asking yourself "What in the world did I get into?". It might be a good idea for you to have a picture of what you think the finished house will look like, just for inspiration to get you through the tough times. From selecting the roof to selecting wall treatments, here are some ideas that might help you as you remodel an older house:

The Roof

Consider talking to a professional roofer before you make a determination of what kind of roof you will select. The roofer will have the training and the experience to advise you regarding the type of roof that would best suit your older home. For example, you might have your heart set on a red tile roof; the roofer, however, might tell you that that kind of roof will be too heavy for the house. In that case, the roofer might also suggest that you get a brick red shingled roof, which will more than likely give your older house a similar look to a red tile roof. The roofer might also suggest that you select a tin roof. Tin roofs can be more expensive than a shingle roof, but not as expensive as tile roofs. The roofer will more than likely have a portfolio of other work that he or she has done so you can see examples of different kinds of roofing materials. For more information, you can visit sites like https://www.sanchezroofing.net/.

The Interior

Of course, you may be dealing with things like replacing old plumbing and even the electrical system of the older home you are remodeling. However, the fun part will hopefully make up for that. For example, consider what you want to do with the interior walls of the house. Do you want to replicate the original rooms, perhaps selecting wallpapers that look very much like the wallpaper that is already in place? Another idea is to paint the walls and to stencil designs on them. For example, in the dining room you could stencil something like different fruits. A stencil with a floral pattern might be a good choice for the bedrooms, while a braid or chain design might be good for the living room walls. Another idea is to faux paint the walls; whether you do the faux painting yourself or you get a professional to do the job for you, you can choose the look of things like old brick for the kitchen and marble for the living and dining rooms.