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3 Things To Keep An Eye On With Your Commercial Roof This Summer

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Just like summer is a good time to inspect and take care of your residential roof, it is also a great time to inspect and take care of your commercial roof as well. With a commercial roof, there are three things that you need to keep an eye on: age, moisture, and your roof's condition.

#1 Age

One of the things that you need to watch out for is the age of your roof. As your roof ages, your roof is going to need more repairs. Pay attention to the age of your roof, as your roof gets older, you are going to want to switch from yearly inspections to bi-annual inspections. You will also want to save more money for repairs and an eventual replacement roof as your roof ages.

If you don't know how old the roof is on your commercial building, look up the permits that were issued for your building. A commercial roof replacement should have generated a building permit. This will let you know how old the roof is.

#2 Moisture

The second thing that you need to watch out for is moisture. Make sure that water is draining correctly from your roof. Standing water can be damaging to your commercial roof. You need to make sure that the drains on your roof are not clogged. You should check the drains on your roof on a regular basis.

You need to check and keep a good eye on the gutter system for your commercial roof as well. Make sure that your maintenance team regularly cleans out the drains and gutters on your commercial roof.

If you spot water damage inside your building, do some investigative work to figure out where the water is coming from. The water leak may not be coming directly above the spot where you can see the leak inside your building. Oftentimes, water travels and changes direction as it gets inside of your building. Take care of any internal water damage right away.

#3 Overall Roof Condition

Keep up with regular inspections and keep a good eye on the overall condition of your roof. Taking care of your roof and repairing it as soon as you see signs of damage will help keep your roof young. Do not let your roof deteriorate to the point where replacement is your only option. Work with a commercial roofer to regularly inspect and keep track of the condition of your roof. Working with the same contractor over time can help you more clearly identify signs of aging.

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