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Bet You Didn't Know All These Benefits Of Metal Roofing

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Although metal isn't the most common roofing material, it does have benefits that you may not know about. Many people automatically opt for asphalt shingles as their default roofing material even before exploring the alternatives. For example, did you know about the following benefits of metal roofing?

They Come in All Shapes and Colors

If your classic image of a metal roof is a dull grey corrugated material, then you haven't really explored metal roofing options. Since metal is a manufactured roofing material and it is perfectly malleable, manufacturers are able to design it into all shapes and colors. In fact, they can even be manufactured to resemble other roofing materials such as wood shakes, tiles, or even slate. This means there is something for everyone, and aesthetic shouldn't be one of your concerns if you are thinking of getting a metal roof.

They Are Easy To Maintain

Another benefit of metal roofs is that they are easy to maintain compared to many other roofing materials. To maintain your metal roof, you just need to avoid walking on it, keep it clean, and ensure all the seals and joints are intact. As you can see, these are fairly easy maintenance tasks.

They Are Light

One of the things that will determine how long your roof lasts is the weight it bears during its lifetime. When a roofing contractor designs a roof, they consider the overall weight of the roof plus an allowance for other debris, like snow. However, this limit may be exceeded in a particularly bad winter with a heavy snowfall, and having a heavy roof to begin with can make the situation even worse. You don't have to worry about that if you have a metal roof because it is light and won't contribute too much to the overall weight of the roof.

They Are Durable

Lastly, installing a metal roof also makes sense because you won't have to replace it soon after installation. A metal roof can give you as much as six decades of use; it's no wonder roofing manufacturers give three to five decades of warranties on metal roofs. In fact, most people don't have to replace their metal roofs in their lifetime.

As you can see, metal roofing does have its benefits, and so do other roofing materials. Therefore, before choosing a roofing material, talk to a contractor to help you explore the available materials and choose the best one for your situation. Companies like Ray's Accurate Roofing can offer more information.