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Repairing A Roof After A Severe Storm

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Bad weather is one of the unfortunate things that cannot be prevented no matter where you may live. When a storms passes through, the only thing that you can do is keep yourself safe by taking shelter, especially during hurricanes and tornadoes. The roof to a house is one of the most commonly affected parts of a house when the strong winds of severe storms pass through. If your roof was recently damaged during a severe storm and it is your first time dealing with such a problem, there are things that you can do to get it fixed without dealing with too much stress. Read the helpful content below for suggestions on getting your roof repaired.

Speak to Your Home Insurance Provider

Are you not in the financial situation to pay for your roof repairs? If you have home insurance coverage, there should be nothing to worry about. When a roof has to be repaired due to storm damage, it is usually covered by most home insurance policies. However, the coverage will depend on what you have been paying for under your specific policy. There is the possibility that your insurance provider will fully cover the expenses that are involved with getting the roof fixed.

Get the Roof Inspected for the Extent of Damage

Before you can be paid by the insurance company, your roof will have to be inspected to determine how severe the damage is. Someone might be sent to your house by the insurance company to inspect the roof, as well as the inside of your house in case the ceiling is damaged. You can also hire a roofer to assess the roof, which will allow you to obtain your own quote of the repair expenses. Multiple quotes will ensure that that you are given a fair amount of money by the insurance provider. If the insurance provider offers an unfair amount of money based on your policy and the damage, you can contest it.

Temporarily Leave if New Construction is Needed

If the storm damaged the roof to the extent of the ceiling getting damaged as well, it might be necessary for you to leave while repairs are being made. Roofers are usually able to repair roofs in a short period of time, but it depends on who is hired. You can ask the roofing company in advance if it is in your best interest to temporarily leave for a while if the roof and ceiling must be reconstructed. 

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