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4 Roofing Tips For Homeowners

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Your roof protects your house and helps to keep it warm in the winter. If you maintain your roof and replace it when necessary, your home will be a comfortable place. Whether you're looking to refinish your roof or simply protect the roof you currently have, here are four tips you can use.

1. Take the shape into consideration.

The shape of your roof will determine the type of shingles best suited to the job. Sloped or angled roofs can get away with shingles that are more porous, since the slant of the roof will help convey water into the gutter. Homes with flat roofs need to be finished with alternate materials. Asphalt is one good option. Asphalt shingles feature fewer gaps than other types, which will help keep water out of the inner layers of your roof. Rolled roofing is another good choice. Since it's constructed in a single sheet, there are no gaps which could let water in. Gutters are especially important for roofs with a low grade, so make sure to keep your gutters clean to protect whichever roofing material you choose.

2. Have wooden shingles regularly resealed.

Wooden shingles are sealed with a water-resistant coating which keeps them from absorbing water. Since wood is naturally porous, this coating is a necessary aspect of wooden shingles. Unfortunately, as your shingles are exposed to the elements, the water-resistant coating can wear off over time. You should have your wooden shingles regularly resealed to help them last longer.

3. Check your insulation.

Older homes often feature poor insulation, as insulation technology has improved greatly since those houses were built. When you're considering replacing your roof, you should ask your residential roofing company to check on your insulation. Poor insulation can cost you money in utility fees because you will end up spending more money to adequately heat and cool your house. Inadequate or damaged insulation can also lead to leaks in your roof, which can create costly problems.

4. Don't overlook metal as a roofing material.

Metal roofs can be a great investment for anyone who plans to own their home for a long time. Metal is highly durable, making it an excellent choice for anyone who lives in areas with frequent storms. Aluminum is the metal most commonly used because it's lightweight and won't put additional stress on your roof. Aluminum roofs are more inexpensive than many other materials. According to Remodeling Calculator, metal roofs do not need to be serviced, which means they will save you even more money in the long run.