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4 Mistakes That Compromise the Quality of Your Roof Installation

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Roof installation and replacement are costly projects, and you don't want to keep dealing with them. The problem is that the most crucial roof parts are usually hidden, and all you see are shingles. Therefore, you may not know all that is entailed in installing a roof. That's why it is best to leave your roofing work to professionals. Here are some mistakes DIY enthusiasts make during roof installation and how to avoid them when you hire a professional roofer.

Skimping on the Price

It is natural to want to save money, but there are things you should never compromise. The roof, for instance, protects you and your loved ones and is exposed to various outdoor elements. So, it's important to choose high-quality, roofing materials for your house. The problem is that most homeowners are not willing to spend money on quality roofing. What they end up with is an inefficient roof that continually needs repairs and replacement. So, avoid this frustration and ask a professional to help you find a high-quality roof that will last you for years.

Nailing Incorrectly

Do you know improper nailing can damage the roof shingle? Many DIY homeowners have had damaged shingles because their nails were not enough or were a bit too high. Such nailing techniques are commonly used because they speed up the roofing process and are cheaper. So, you won't realize you have poorly nailed the shingles until it is too late. If you are unsure of the nailing methods to use when installing roof shingles, hire expert roofers to help you.

Laying Shingles on Top of Each Other

If you have damaged shingles, the worst you can do is putting a new shingle layer on them. That's because your roofing warranty becomes void after that since you have not dealt with the existing damage. All you have done is hide it and make the situation worse. The additional layer will accumulate heat, causing premature wear of the shingles. Expert roofers recommend replacing the shingles completely. That guarantees your roof will serve you for a long time.

Failing to Include Protective Products

Though you may not realize this, you only see a fraction of the roof's protection. So, if you don't know the ideal way to secure the roof from the inside, allow the experts to do it for you. Expert roofers don't take shortcuts and will explain what they are doing at each stage. 

One of the critical decisions you can make when installing a new roof is hiring the most suitable roofer. Find a roof installation company to learn more about the process.